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Welcome to the Adjunct.

The Adjunct is a SisterSite of the WikiWikiWeb, and aims to be a home for material that would be OffTopic there, not falling under the scope of that site's primary topic, PeopleProjectsAndPatterns. However, even though this is a separate wiki, it is InterTwingled with the others. We hope that in your travels you will be able to move from one to the other freely. See also AboutTheName.

As this site is a wiki [WhatIsaWiki?], you can edit any page. Please note that we have some SimpleRules for visitors and participants. If you wish to practice editing a page, please use the AdjunctSandBox. More information for new visitors can be found at GettingStarted.

There is also a full index of all pages.

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As of 2012, the Adjunct is in FishBowl mode.
ThankYou to everyone who participated over the years.


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